Getting Involved

We provide opportunities to eager and self motivated individuals who are looking to make a ‘dink’ in the universe. Depending on your areas of expertise and interests, we offer experiences from general volunteer work to project management! For inquiries, or interest, please contact us for available roles and key dates.


While we offer general volunteer work to people of all ages above 7, we limit leadership roles to individuals over 12.


As much as we’d like to meet and interact with pollinator enthusiasts all over the world, we only carry operations in BC, Canada (for now!). All individuals residing in the Greater Vancouver Area are encouraged to apply.


We’re the most active during the spring/summer seasons. We hold almost 100% of our fundraising events in the months of July, August and September. However, meetings take place year round, and twice a month for those interested in a leadership role.

Looking to get your school involved?

At The Pollinator Project, we understand how important an autonomous project is to the development of young leaders. As of February 2018, we are offering students ages 12 through 24 the opportunity to create their own school club under our name. Each club is tasked with building their very own public garden, and will have the freedom do accomplish this in unique ways they deem appropriate. These clubs are recognized branches of the organization, and will receive the all the resources, knowledge, and guidance needed to make a positive difference. This is a free program, and will challenge young minds to fundraise, garden, and network with key figures in their respective communities. Within this club, students will get the chance to tackle liaison duties, project management, social media projects, and much more. For more information, please contact us.

Rainforest Daycare Center Pollinator Garden
Rainforest Daycare Center Pollinator Garden
A huge shoutout goes to the sponsor of this project, West Coast Seeds, for making this planting possible. Thanks to Tony Sun and Megan Kennedy-Spence,…
The Pollinator Project Visits the Surrey Honeybee Centre
The Pollinator Project Visits the Surrey Honeybee Centre
Did you know that the colour of a beehive’s honey depends on the flowers and nutrition sources that they involve themselves with? French beekeepers were…