Building Community Green Spaces

We Help Businesses, Schools, and Public Institutions Lead by Example.

We build publicly accessible community gardens and pollinator hotspots for organizations to help them adopt and promote environmentally-friendly practices.


Green Spaces: What’s the big deal?

Many of us that live in residential areas treat the local wildlife as if they’re curiosities, and native pollinators are no exception. Bees, especially, are often stigmatized by the public and are viewed as the sum of their ‘stings’. This makes pollinator-friendly spaces difficult for city planners to integrate into public areas.

This is why we’ve launched this program – to help organizations seamlessly integrate green spaces into their facilities. These spaces are meticulously architected to attract a wide variety of native species, including hummingbirds, butterflies, and of course, bees!

Do you represent a business or educational institution located in the Greater Vancouver area?

We’ll build you a stunning garden at your site for no charge at all. Find out how you could benefit from hosting one of our pollination gardens below.

For Business Owners:

Attract More Customers

Instantly become more memorable and make a friendlier impression in your neighbourhood. Connect better with your customers with a conversation starter placed right at your doorstep!

Join a Meaningful Movement

Show your love and support our local bees! In doing so, you will be helping us build a more eco-friendly community. When you make the choice to host a garden, you also make the choice to join a rapidly expanding movement.

Have Your Say in the Design

Take advantage of this oppourtunity and help us decorate your site the way you’ve always wanted. Show us what flowers, colours, and styles you want to implement.

For Education Representatives:

Add to the Learning Enviroment

Immerse your students in an eco-friendly and colourful setting. Create a learning environment that not only sparks valuable environmental discussions but also keeps learners engaged!

Provide your Students with a Variety of Opportunities

Students will have the chance to learn about pollination up close and personal.

Have Speakers Come to your School

Have one of our speakers come to your school to spread awareness about the importance of pollinators! Let us help spark conversation and encourage mindfulness.

Contact us for more information, inquiries, or general interest.

Let’s pollinate Vancouver together!