Get Involved

Get Involved

Volunteer, Spearhead Environmental Projects, and Earn Awards!

Here’s how it works

If you want to make the world a better place to live and help combat environmental issues, you’re in the right place. We understand that it can be quite daunting to start an initiative of your own, we felt the same way when we first began. That’s why we partner with youth groups all around the world to work with them on environmental service projects – such as tree plantings and garden constructions. This way, our member groups can just focus on making a difference and we’ll worry about getting the funding, resources, and connections they need to complete these projects. Once a project is successfully completed, the team will be eligible to receive the Youth Environmental Excellence Award. We will also work to promote our member groups in the media to inspire other youth to start environmental initiatives of their own! As a not-for-profit incorporated under the BC Societies act, we offer all of our programs without charge.

You’re eligible to join us if…

You Run a School Club

You want to start a branch of our organization

You're a Startup Initiatives

You're an individual who just wants to make a difference!

Fill out this form, and that’s it! You’re in. 

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and begin working with you to accomplish the projects you’ve committed yourself to.

Here’s Your Schedule

August - December

We begin accepting applications and start onboarding participating branches. You’ll decide on what projects you want to start doing, and notify us of your selection before December 1st.

January - May

In these months, you’ll begin working on your projects! We begin delivering our resources to you, and start coordinating with you to complete your projects.

May - June

Projects are wrapped up. Once you’ve completed a project, you and your entire team will be eligible for the Youth Environmental Excellence Award. The winners of this award will be announced in June.

Recognition is important.


All participants are Eligible for the Youth Environmental Achievement Award

Reference Letters

We’ll write you a reference letter upon request


We’ll work to promote your work in local news outlets – that way, you can inspire other youth in your community!