2020 and 2021 presented unexpected challenges for people all across the globe. For The Pollinator Project, it meant not being able to educate classrooms, build gardens in-person, and difficulties creating the same energy for youth that wanted to get involved. Yet, we found that classrooms all across BC were just as eager, if not more interested to participate, learn, and spread awareness about the importance of pollinators. Thanks to the efforts of many students and teachers, we were able to support pollinators and raise awareness even during these unusual times. Here’s a summary of The Pollinator Project’s year in review:

We began the year strong, coordinating a Coast to Coast effort with over a dozen youth groups and organizations across Canada. The goal was to work alongside each of these groups to build pollinator-friendly hot spots across Canada and empower young activists in the process. With the help of many hard-working teachers and students, we were able to add 6 gardens to our portfolio by the end of the Spring 2021. You can visit them at the addresses below: 

Port Moody Secondary School

Gilpin Elementary School

MacNeill Elementary School

Minnekhada Middle School

Montroyal Elementary School

Smiling Creek Elementary

However, we wanted our students to be able to engage with pollinators outside of schools as well. That’s why we distributed over 200 pollinator garden kits to students in Metro Vancouver and worked alongside teachers to educate them on how to use them to start their own bee saving gardens at home. It was so incredible to see environmental leaders across all generations so eagerly engaged in this cause. In addition to helping provide support for local pollinators, the gardens were also “a place for the students to go to that was calming and teeming with life”. 

“It really affects everything, from the food chain to entire economies”.

– Susan Nishimura, Minnekhada teacher, on the decline of bees

Conclusion and Thank-You

From everyone at The Pollinator Project, we would like to give a big thanks and congratulations to everyone that was involved in this year’s activities. To the Rotary Club: Thank you for sponsoring our efforts this year. We couldn’t have accomplished what we did this year without the help of your funding and encouragement! To all the participating students from classrooms all across BC: Thank you for bringing your help and enthusiasm in raising awareness on the importance of pollinators! And to the teachers: You were superheroes this year in handling classrooms during these tough times. Going out of your way to shoulder more responsibility and create learning opportunities for your students when you have enough on your plate already – You guys get an A+ from us here at The Pollinator Project. 

That wraps up the recap of The Pollinator Project’s 2020-2021 year in review. Though the year was difficult for us to get through, it created many interesting opportunities and projects from a wide range of schools.

Until next time,

The Pollinator Project Team

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