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Empowering You(th) to Save the World

We unite environmental groups all around the world!

We Partner With Youth Groups All Around the World

The state of our environment is one of the most momentous issues of our time, and us young people are looking for solutions. However, it’s not always easy to make a difference – that’s why The Pollinator Project Association partners with youth all around the world to empower them to make a tangible, measurable impact on environmental issues. It will be our generation that will eventually inherit this Earth, so we might as well start learning how to take care of it now.

School Clubs

Startup Initiatives

Community Environmental Groups

Anyone who wants to make a difference

We work with you(th) to tackle environmental issues through local service projects.

Fixing the environment is a responsibility that we all carry. Here’s what we’re doing to help:

Do you run a school club, lead a classroom, or want to start a branch of our organization? 

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Our Origin Story

In 2017, we began as a student-run club with ambitions to “Save the Bees”. We pursued this goal by building pollinator gardens, lobbying governments, and creating green space. We later incorporated ourselves as “The Pollinator Project Association”. Because of the resources, experience, and connections we’ve accumulated over the years, we wanted to be use them to support youth environmental initiatives all around the world. That’s why we’ve since expand our mandate to include environmental issues of all sorts. We remain youth lead to this very day.


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Green Spaces Created




Governments Lobbied

Students in Action: Interview with the Port Moody Pollinator Club
Students in Action: Interview with the Port Moody Pollinator Club
Never before have youth been so involved in environmental issues. We caught up with one of our partners Katherine Wagner and her high school pollinator…
End of 2020-2021 Capstone Report
End of 2020-2021 Capstone Report
2020 and 2021 presented unexpected challenges for people all across the globe. For The Pollinator Project, it meant not being able to educate classrooms, build…