Fundraising Project

Fundraise for Us

If your group’s specialty is fundraising, you could help us empower environmental projects all around Canada! The money raised in this effort will help us provide resources to other participating groups with their own projects. After you’ve completed your fundraiser, you can donate to us through the link below:

Here’s What You’ll Need to Do

You can host fundraisers in our name anytime throughout the year. You can raise money in any way you want! Sell donuts, host a gala, throw a garage sale – your imagination is the limit.

Here’s Your Impact With These Amounts Raised


This is enough to help us lead either a tree planting or green space expansion event.


This is enough to help us onboard and empower approximately 3 new student lead branches with their environmental service projects.


This is enough to help us build a new pollinator garden from the ground up.

Want to do this project? 

Fill out the form via the link below, and check off the “fundraise for us” option.