Lobby Your Government Project

Lobby Your Local Government

Is there something you want your local government to improve on? Do you have some ideas on how you can make your city more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Do you want your voice to be heard? In this project, you’ll identify a local environmental issue and propose a solution to your local government. 

Here’s How We’ll Help

We’ll work with your local government to negotiate an opportunity for you to make a presentation to your municipal council. You’ll appear formally as an ambassador/delegate from our organization.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Do

We can establish presentation opportunities in the months between April 1st and July 1st. It is advisable to begin preparing for your presentation 2-3 months before the event. You will need to notify us of the topic of your presentation and your team’s availability before February 17th.

Step 1: Identify a local environmental issue that you’d like your municipality to address.

If you can’t think of one and you still want to do this project, get in touch with one of our program managers and they’ll help you generate some topic ideas.

Step 2: Work to identify a solution to this environmental issue

While this is an optional step, your presentation would be much less meaningful without it. If you come up with a solution, your team will have the potential to make a real impact on the issue at hand. Governments are actively looking for solutions to local problems – will you be able to lend them a hand?

Step 3: We’ll work with you to organize an opportunity for your team to present at a city council meeting.

We’ll do most of the negotiating; all you have to do is let us know your preferred presentation month and topic before February 17th! We’ll tell you the full details of your presentation in March.

Step 4: Prepare a presentation on the environmental topic at hand.

Here’s a suggested way to structure your presentation:

  • Introduce the problem
  • Say why it is important to address the problem
  • Go over potential solutions
  • Present the ‘Ask’ (what you want the government to do about it)
  • Now that you’ve talked about the problem, how do you want the city to address it?

Step 5: Designate Your Presenters

While some council meetings allow for a dozen people to present at a time, some only allow one or two delegates to speak.

Step 6: Have your presenters prepare for their big day

It is natural to be nervous! Don’t worry, practice makes perfect. Our program management team will be here to support you if you need it. Be prepared to answer questions.

Step 4: Present

Walk into meeting room like you own the place, and kill your presentation!

Step 5: Be sure to take photos or record a video

We’d love to share your amazing work and promote your cause in the media!

Step 5: Make sure to follow up on your ‘ask’

Want to do this project? 

Fill out the form via the link below, and check off the “lobby your government” option.